If we liberated objects from the imaginary and symbolic binds that we impose on them then what is there; what would be their freedom? How would they act, would there be a hierarchy, or any interactions at all? We can do nothing but anthropomorphize.

On my journey I saw, everywhere, the inheritors of the world. I saw them huddle together, perhaps for warmth, perhaps for security – is there any stable sense of the world without the sentient? Gathering together around demarcation points and markers, collectively existing, individually rare out on the great planes, conformity exists within these ones – sets of similar skins and coverings, similar markings – those of whom that don't conform to standard groups are expelled and can sometimes be seen together, sometimes as couples, around the lungs of the old world, perhaps cavorting with each other, perhaps engaged in some ritual evoking the past. Other non conformists seem to group in smaller collective clusters, I witnessed two of a similar type, distinct to most others, attempting to navigate around a large flat plane of a form that was designating spaces.

Another small group, a group of four, particularly grabbed my attention, located next to the ghost of some comparatively immense and distinct form (more similar to them than to the old inhabitants of the world, but different enough to exist without any direct influence on one another), unlike most of the others I witnessed they seemed to keep a greater distance from one another, usually others of the same type share space very closely, these however placed themselves differently. Out of view, obscured by the immense form of their neighbour, they seemed as if they had once been close and had now drifted away from each other, hopefully the first steps to taking charge of their new world, the next step for them which I will, and can, never see.

from A Tour of The Sculptural Forms of East London

pallets, tarpaulin, found aluminium frame

found wood, plastic sack, misc. items, duct tape

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plastic packaging, masking tape, colour photocopy on paper, official arcelormittal orbit paperclip
found wood, colour photocopy on paper, official arcelormittal orbit paperclip, nail


found object and carrier bag

ancient aliens: the monoliths

'to dampen the (spatial) silence'

studio4 day 1